This will not break you.

Tears flow and your will thoughts run

I feel like I’m ready to explode

I’m crying tears of uncertainty

Tears of repentance

Tears of acceptance

Acceptance that my eyes will water, and sometimes for days

But I here God say. “my beloved that’s okay”

I cry yearning for a friend to cry with me

I cry with questions wondering, when will this fight be over

I cry joy, because I know in the midst of my darkness, I’ve already overcome

I created a river with my tears, and I’m floating down to a new beginning

I can see a light, piercing the clouds, making silent noises through a purple and orange sunset

I know night is coming, soon I’ll be able to rest and awaken to DAY

A new day filled with different tears for different reasons

A new day to fight, express, and expand on my gifts, my calling and to continue to develop: my purpose

I cry, yes I cry

But God says to me, in the quiet of night

Your life will not be lived in vain

Your struggle will not be forgotten

Often those whom carry the greatest calling, will spend the most time a.l.o.n.e

Rest in my bosom, take a deep breath

You see it, you feel it, just keep fighting it, you’re almost there.

Lives will be touched, there is a revival in your story

The blind will see their self worth and purpose

The deaf will hear, there name called with authority

The lame, will get up and walk, and begin their journey

The hungry will be feed with truth

The lonely ones, (like yourself) will walk with me by their side

Fresh oil will flow, flowers will grow in winter

You bring new life, new energy, just keep me your (God) at your center

In all things keep God at your center

Your prayers may not sound perfect

You won’t comprehend every scripture

But that’s okay, for I see you heart, I notice you intent

I’m with you, I live inside of you

I’m your Father, Friend and you center.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you

Not a day goes by when I dont want to take away every ache and pain

But, if I did, you would not have learn, and you’d have no authority and passion

I’m with you, my beloved you’re my child

Abba is for you

Abba is with you

Abba will guide you

This will not break you.




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