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Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)

Kujichgulia- Self Determination

I determined to continue to make my voice heard on this earth about the injustice, inequality, discrimination, hatred, provoked fear and sexual assaults against my people. I have a voice I have a blog and I will write.

Because me too!

I’m determined to pray for my nation, and corrupted leaders. I am determined to stand against hate, march peacefully alongside lady justice. We can be the checks and the balance. American, do you hear us! Are we I being heard!

Is our voice loud enough! Do you feel our passion?? Do you feel our anger?? Do you see our hurt?

Because me too!

I am determined to speak prayers of life. Sings songs of encouragement. Write with integrity. I am determined to listen to the earth and to be its representative. Do you hear me! This is my office, the election I’ve won.

Because you too!

My black brothers, and kinky haired sister- you matter! your vote counts. when you walk stomp, carrying a belt of righteousness and the book of truth. When you speak make lightning come from your mouth. When you stomp, leave a footprint! Speak for the young! Be determined and resilient. Be courageous. Come death, hell, or high waters- We my brothers and sister; “we shall overcome” today! not someday!

Because us too!

Hand in hand we stand! Locked arms we are a mighty wall. And this is not Jericho, we will not be broken! Look to your left and your right, we have the angels on our side. We have Yahweh! With our walking sticks, we part waters and go to our promised land.

We are determined.

Because you too!