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Happy Birthday, Big Brother!

My birthday is tomorrow. My birthday brings mixed feelings. This birthday I feel a lost, for my twin brother is like the prodigal son and I am the son doing what is right while our father [God] is pleased but seems to want my twin more.

To my brother out there, happy birthday. I pray your day is a blessed one. It hurts me that this is another year that we as twins are separated but your words have penetrated my heart, you threatened the sister the came out the womb 11 minutes after you. You broke what was sacred.

Hate and anger attempted to burden my heart. It’s easy to hate. It’s hard to forgive. However, if I don’t forgive a piece of my heart and mind will be distracted from my calling, my passion and my relationship with God.

So know even though it’s best for us to be separate, I make it my job to reflect on only the good. I make it my job to speak positive about you. I make it my job to pray for your success, life, liberty and pursuit of true authentic happiness.

The hurt you’ve caused will never out weigh the love I have for you, nor the love that God has for you. I love you big brother. I pray that you continue to find yourself in a world with little guidance. I pray you find God and are spiritually transformed. You deserve the good and abundant life that Jesus died to offer you.

Know this is coming from my heart. Know I forgive you. Know I will not allow myself to be hurt repeatedly and abused, and I have learned to love from a distance.

I know you will be a great man of God. I know that one day you will find him. I know you are a great artist and cook. I know you’re a man of many friends. I also know that you get lonely and feel misunderstood. Because I can feel it and you’re not alone.

God, knew your pain before it started, he knows your finish before you have completed your final works on this earth. God just wants a relationship with you, to heal your mind and mend your broken heart. This is his birthday present for you.

My birthday present to you is unconditional love, no judgment just prayers of blessings.

To anyone who sees my twin, tell him I said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”