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Kwanzaa: Nia

Nia: Purpose A Prayer for you.

I pray 2022 is Better than any year you have ever experienced in your life. You have a purpose! You were not put on this earth to just live a mediocre life but to be a world-changer, and history maker in your own unique way. If no one ever tells you this know I believe in you and am praying for your success and happiness. I pray for you have the power to endure every trial and hard time that comes. As pastor Steven says “you’re either entering a storm, leaving a storm, or about to enter a storm.” I pray for you to open the door to joy. I pray your family is blessed your children are blessed and your children and their children are blessed. I pray this year instead of seeking material items that fade you seek smiles and make memories. I pray for you to accomplish goals and are not self-critical. Please know we’re all on a journey in life at different stages and no one is better than the other no matter the milestone, degree, income amount, social status, or political party. I pray you to find faith in a higher power. It may be different than mine but something outside of yourself and the human construct. I pray you educate yourself on something new become friends with someone different; someone of a different skin tone, religion, political party, and social class. I pray for you to discover the mysteries this life has to hold. For it is in the beholder of breath that these things are revealed.

You have a purpose. I know a part of mine but every day and with every class and obstacle I overcome I discover more of it. Time your testimony and treasure who you unveil your testimony to. I believe God has a designed life for you to live an abundant life and it will be great. God loves you. Whether you believe in him or not. Jesus loves you. That’s the point of Easter’s Resurrection. I pray that whomever you call your God is kind, gentle, and loving towards you and your family. I believe we are connected for a reason greater than our own four walls of life but we have to open the doors to find out. God is knocking and wants us to answer the call to live; God wants us to live. Live abundantly, graciously. gratefully and loving.

You have a purpose.

Joyous Kwanzaa

Happy New Years

What an incredible birthday. I’ve learned that blood is not thicker than water, in fact, it can be just as thin. In my life water has been more has provided more nourishment and blood has needed many transfusions. This was my first birthday away from my twin and I am sure it will not be my last. Being away was the vacation I needed. My biological mom decided to make it about her but a little angel (5 years old) made sure I had fun. It’s sad that these moments are not shared with my bio. family (not all are bad) but my happiness comes first. I can no longer allow their beliefs, laws and actions dictate how I will live my life.

This is what happiness means to me: flying as an eagle whether that means living far away, traveling, attending different college, changing my beliefs, dating women or men, attending a secular or christian church, drinking on the weekends, having coffee at night, dressing as a lady or more masculine (portraying a gender that I feel connected to at that moment), studying psychology and law. I am my own person separate and set apart to live a glorious life.

To my dear twin brother, I feel as though this is where we can part, for this is who I am: I am a women with a mood disorder and anxiety disorder (to my family as well) I take medication to live a healthy and happy life, I am an introvert and I prefer to be alone, I get grumpy at night, I enjoy hikes (the outdoors), I want to sky dive, I am a student with a traveling spirit, understand that yes, I am moving to Florida and one day California, and, the Europe and Africa. To my brother and biological mother it’s not to late to have a relationship but on my terms or your settings; you’ve had your chance and you’ve hurt me and I will not allow it anymore. I will not allow you to swear at me. I can and if I have to I will live without you. You will treat me as a human being.

I am a child of God. Even my twin, the brother that I shared space with while in the womb will not stop me from living an abundant life. To my biological mother life is more¬†painful with you. So sorry to say such a hurtful thing, but, it’s the truth of my heart. This is my new year, my beginning and I am making a life of my own; embarking on a new adventure, new relationships and a future.


– Domenia L. Dickey