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Kwanzaa: Ujima: Black lives do matter!

  • Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems and to solve them together (wiki..)


I’d like to highlight the #blacklivesmatter movement for holding the sacred truths of Kwanzaa (deliberate or not). In reality, we are not far from the African American Civil Rights Movement (1954-1968). Our fight as black people may have transition but it has not changed.

2017 saw too much black death, by a fellow brother or sister, by a cop, by leaders who abuse their power, and citizens whom are quick to pick up a pistol before having that same quickness to listen. Sometimes I think we want to see hate, and violence, and discrimination as it’s a mask energy source. As if we as a country do not know how to live in harmony and peace. Or maybe we are afraid of it

Children are not born hateful, it is taught! Allow our children dear universe, equal opportunity to play and scrap their knees with one another. For our daughters not to be discouraged because their isn’t foundation to match their skin tone. For our sons to be known for their character and to not be known for the quality of his sneakers. For our children, dear universe, to aspire to be doctors, lawyers, construction owners, business owners, chefs, inventors, cosmetologist, teachers, and preachers as well. For them, limitless is their only option.  We went to be equally recognized in the media, movies, politics, and music; equally paid not based on gender or skin tone, but on hard work.

Many are threatened by the black lives matter movement/ civil rights movement just like they were in the 50’s and 60’s. There’s not a reason for fear. We black people, minorities, and women are the ones who live in fear. We come in peace. We demand respect, do not apologize for our integrity, we do not apologize for our kinky hair, dark skin, and broad backs. We are made in the image of our father, the creator of the universe. We don’t want our children to fear going to school for the fear of being killed is so surreal. Or fathers in the morning says goodbye to his children, but in his mind, he questions “will this be my final goodbye?”

I don’t want to read about another Trans/Queer/LGBTQIA person being killed, and never given their day of justice in front of blind lady liberty. I don’t want another brother or sister who is Trans/Queer/LGBTQIA and them not be recognized as human beings with a soul and as an equal creation from our creator.

I pray that in 2018 there are no more deaths plagued by the disease or prejudice, racism, and hate. I pray that in 2018 everyone has insurance. I pray that in 2018 no one goes to bed hungry, and no one is sleeping in the winter or summer, under a bridge or on the sidewalks. I pray for change!

I also understand that those who fought and continue to fight the good fight would want us in 2018 to keep fighting, but not just for us. For anyone without a voice. I pray eventually we birth a generation that is moved past race and gender and seen as a human. I pray that our society stops viewing individuals who are not white skin, or blue eyes as different. For we are a people, with a soul, with a story, and a child of the universe; just like them.

It’s our responsibility to our fellow brothers and sisters of the good fight. to build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems and to solve them together


Letter to a Mother

A Letter to a mother:

When I first met you, you were the woman of my dreams. No one was better and I was proud to be your daughter. I was proud to tell the world “this is my mom.” Now I see a woman who has given up, allowed herself to be defeated by choices, never forgiven others who hurt you or for the hurt you caused. You’ve developed a mental illness, that when I look into your eyes and to see your soul, I can’t get past the pain, I hope to see life, but I see an empty soul, in a body that is content with just existing. That’s not the woman who I knew from the beginning. Where is my mom at? You’re still there, I know there is still good and possibility but you live dying.

I’ll never forget the words “I don’t know how to love you, and you no longer have to call me mom.” It was a relief because I knew the truth but a bullet that pierced my heart and it hasn’t healed. I thought that if I lived a life of excellence, a life of hard working, diligent in my studies and dedicated to God; you might change? It was then I realized it’s not my job to change you. You have to be able to see that there is more that God has intended for your life, and this is not the end.

My 24th My birthday was a trying one, it hurt not being able to talk to the woman (who can’t love me), birth me and my sacred twin brother who has threatened to do harm to me. How does one reconcile and accept that the family you were birthed into, are the ones that will hurt you, allow you to be hurt, and threaten your very existence. However, God has taught me, blessed me, given me many mother figures, I have brothers and sisters, I’ve just met my biological father, and in yet there is a void. This void is one that I have come to accept, but tears stream down my eyes.

I wrote my brother an email and stated that it hurt for me to be a part from my twin. It hurt not being able to give a gift, hug, or kiss the very soul that I shared room with in the womb for 9 months. I had to change my telephone number and was told not to even give it to my grandmother or family because of the actions and words of hate, anger and envy from you two.

God knows my heart when I say that I want nothing more for yo, then to succeed. Find happiness, passion and live a life of purpose. Who wants to allow hate and strife to take up space in your heart or your mind. I know I won’t. It’s best for us to be a part. It’s when we’re are a part we’re the closet. When I don’t hear news about you is when I can rest at night. No news is good news. I have taken authority over my life, and as young adult I refuse to allow you to make me depressed, alter my state of mind, control me, make me feel unsafe, install fear and allow you to habitually hurt me. It’s a choice I’ve made based on history, words and actions you’ve declared.

So my message to my fellow readers is, to know that sometimes you have to step aside if it means it will be creating a better you. Sometimes you have cease communication not forever, but for the moment so that you will prosper. It’s not a negative self aspect to finally put yourself first. It’s not that you think you’re better then whomever it is, it’s just your path has taken a different course, and/or that season has ended. Not every relationship, job anything is meant forever. There is an end and how that happens is what creates curiosity in our creator.

Read this and know I don’t want sympathy but my goal is to encourage your hearts and to tell you, that it’s time to start living for yourself.

Domenia Dickey

A daughter’s heart.

Dear moms,

Take care of your daughters and cherish them daily. To have a relationship with my mother has been nothing far from a dream. I see mothers and daughters together and I cry because I have not lived with my mother since I was eight years of age.  The last real hug I received, that I could feel the love and energy was in the 1st grade. I have people who have taken the mother role in my life, and I am grateful, however; a hug and or kiss from the woman who gave birth to me would be grand.

I asked God, why did he deal me this deck of cards? He never answered my question. I am a 23 year old, working, and attending school full-time and in yet there is this void……

Where do I belong and who do I belong too? I’ll keep searching until I find the right answer. ((huggs))