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We Dance

In my imperfection is your glory

In my depression, I dream

In the darkness there is hope

when my faith is tired, and amidst a storm

when suicide  is prevalent there is an escape


I dance with him who is the author of my life

I dance with the spirit that flows through my body

I dance with the opportunities penetrating my heart


At times my mind is darkened

At that time I see:

1 stage 

1 spotlight

and 1 opportunity 

to dance with words

sing with grace

defeat all odds

to accept the golden ticket to my eternity and purpose


as my world spins

time winds down

voices are strange

spirits are quick

and footprints are non-impactful and dominant

I lock eyes with eternity

kiss companionship

grab hold of trials

give the middle finger to the devil

for the creator dances with me

holds onto me; I am not alone

And God extends his hand asking me one question

“may I have this dance” 




“Hi, welcome to Starbucks”

“Hi welcome to Starbucks, my name is Mia. What can I get started for you.”

Starbucks logo, I didn't create this logo nor own any rights to it. I am just a barista for Starbucks Coffee Company.
Starbucks logo, I didn’t create this logo nor own any rights to it. I am just a barista for Starbucks Coffee Company.

At least three days a week I open the doors to Starbucks, taking a deep breathe and greet customers with that one main point. I’m very vocal about my mental health, diagnosed with PTSD, Bipolar Disorder NOS, and Borderline Personality Disorder with ¬†Psychosis. I’m also vocal about how without my medication I can’t achieve stability, nor serve you the customer your perfect cup of coffee. As of now I’ve worked at three Starbucks, and each location has been an experience to remember.

My original store was hard, I cried before attending to my shift, I felt incompetent when trying to make drinks, my self-esteem decreased; I felt like a burden. I worked with fellow Barristers whom harbored dislike for me, and judge me. I felt as though getting hired at my dream job (for now) was a mistake but I needed a pay check, so I went to work and hated every minute of it. It became triggering for me, and psychologically unhealthy. My manager was often dissatisfied with me, and blamed it on my illness. I was often hospitalized because I was triggered while working at this location. This was my image of the company and I wanted to quit.

So I transfered stores. Nervous that I would have the same outcome, and worried that I was the source of my previous managers dislike and anger, however; I need a check and I was willing to give it a try. So I meet with our District Manager, and the manager of my new store,Jenn. Jenn was quite and reserved and willing to help me start anew.

Jenn is quite, with a strong personality, she takes honor in her job, and treats her employees as a human beings. She has not judged me for my illness, and has allowed me to grow in my skills and confidence. Bar is the area where the drinks are made, and I’ve always experienced trepidation when attempting to work on bar. She said I was slow, but I knew my stuff and would get better. What makes her a great manger is that: 1. she gives great encouraging feed back to fellow partners, 2. has faith in her partners and leadership abilities 3. has confident in her judgment. 4. respectful and even tempered. 5. funny, and plays really good 90’s music. 6. not judgmental, and understanding that every learns differently 7. promises that each Barrista will become better and stronger. 8. promotes unity and cooperation 9. eats really healthy 10. knows how to mange and address the needs of customers and her employees.

Who wouldn’t want to work for/with a manager like mine? ¬†She gave me a second chance when my name was tainted and I promised not to let her down. I enjoy work, I go on my days off. I’m getting better at bar, and customer service. I’ve grown and have increased my faith. My current location is not as bad as my previous store. My store now and manager reflects the true identity of Starbucks and its partners. My store rocks! I love it.

Jenn, I hope you read this and know it comes from my heart. I look forward to continue creating drinks and serving customers.

“Hi, I’m Domenia welcome to Starbucks. What can I get started for you?