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Dear, Pastor->Leaders->Ministers->Reverends->Bishops->Church goers

I know many of my followers have different faiths and everyday I see a “like” or “share” my heart feels great. This is a letter to the church and pastors/leaders

Dear Church, Pastors and Leaders,

Thank-you for your service. There’re are hearts the need to be mended, spiritual wounds that need to be healed and tended too, struggles that require encouragement and stories that need to be heard and shared. It’s time to break tradition. It’s time to break religious customs. No rules, no religion but the true message, authentic message of Jesus. Please don’t preach opinion, and stay away from facts. Preach the unconditional love, acceptance, miracles, tend to the sick, open your ears and hear what your congregates hearts have to say. Teach your members about giving back to the community and reaching out beyond the four walls.

The building where we corporately worship, is just that a “building.” Jesus said that “we” the “person” is the church. So as a people, person; we need to reach out to the drug addicts, to the prostitutes, ┬áto the struggling youth, to the homeless and hungry. We need to teach our congregates how to take the message we hear every Sunday and practice it for ourselves and for the community.

Hearts are hurting and people are crying out for help. We are the help through Jesus. People want authentic believers, and those with pure hearts. Stop the judgment, traditions and making people feel unwelcome. We need as a faith to grow, and encourage people to grow, no matter their faith or spiritual beliefs. Stop picking parts of the bible to follow, and follow the truth of Jesus, the truth in your heart and love of God. Show people that there is a God, and he loves you no matter where you are in life. Teach people people that God doesn’t judge and wants to help inspire them to have a life of purpose.

Lets feed the hungry, cloth those in need. Lets continue the work that the disciples started and Jesus taught. Take us to the KING! We need a word of life to that dying soul. We need a word for those who feel they are unreachable. We need a word, we need to hear Jesus’s teaching, love and why he truly died on the cross. Honestly we need to reach out to those not in our church, but also those in our churches. Reach out to all those you can, pray without cease. We as believers have a job to do.


Domenia L Dickey

Voice of the People

fist pumpAs I sit in silence, pondering about the words in which one could use to ease the heart of the wounded. I don’t believe that there are such words. Agree?

As Americans we trust a system that is corrupted, plagued by the diseases of greed, ego, lust, lies, and ambiguity.

Our leaders fight for approval ratings, higher salaries and material gain, while those who they claim to represent struggle, are poor, killed by officials who hide behind the convoluted law, and true Americans are hungry, in need, without medical insurance and equality.

Our leaders use fancy words to avoid the truth. They argue politics while a nation lay dying.

Where is justice? Where is peace? Where are our civil liberties and rights. Who’s really representing our people?

But, who am I? I’m just a citizen. Will my voice be heard? I demand justice in a corrupt system. I demand justice. I demand representation from the leaders whom have the heart of my people.

Why are my brothers and sisters dying? Why are mothers burying their sons? Why are fathers burying their daughters? Why do our children go to bed hungry? Why are our families destroyed by poverty? Why are we investing in prisons, to detain the innocent while allowing corrupted officials, officers, politicians, and leaders remain free? Why do I have to fight for equality?

Where are my fundamental rights?

I don’t want to read the newspaper or watch t.v to see another man killed by police, for race riots to be in my backyard, youth are killed by guns, and people are bound.

Your position is to serve us, and not to serve yourself.

We will be HEARD!