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Now, You!

Now I’m alive to tell the story of how I’ve overcome A victor and not a victim written story The truth about my daily struggles and how it’s met with mercy and grace This isn’t a poem. This is more of a narrative written by a broken person being made whole My freedom doesn’t come from the world and doesn’t come from the words of men I’m not lucky, and my resiliency isn’t a genetic default but a gift of His Spirit A gift of His grace To people who read my blog and my writings, time are tough, and relief seems to be a way away Stay encouraged. Lean on your foundation for dear life. I live paycheck to paycheck I live on food stamps and a monthly gov’t check I never know if my benefits will be cut or continued. But, I lean on supernatural faith. I often have to ask myself whether I buy eggs this week of soymilk I recently lost my job So, understand, you are not alone. This is what I tell myself daily. The creator of the universe understands. Despite the current dilemma, I live with my bills paid, and I have more than enough food. How? I blame Jesus, for he says, “he will never forsake you (me), nor leave you as an orphan” I am writing more of my faith not to push it on people but because it’s my foundation. Who Jesus is to me, Buddha or Allah might be for someone else. I do not have the authority to call any of these deities wrong. They’re essential. I am in a spot to say it’s essential to have a spiritual creator and community to belong to. Even if it’s a community of no faith, a community to belong to is necessary. When we are together, we share the burden of life and strengthen one another. Times are tough, and we shouldn’t go through them alone. I struggle with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and losing my job triggered an episode. It’s hard. Some days I’m energetic. Some days I want to sleep. Many days I feel there isn’t a point to it all. But I actively push through these negative thoughts because of my faith in Jesus and His Holy Spirit. I believe in Scripture. I know if God can be with me on the mountain tops, he is with me in the valley lows. I’ll fear no evil. I wish we would look at each other past the IG and FB pictures, ask what’s in your fridge and cabinets, and get honest about our struggles in life. That’s what people need, not this superficial stuff. It’s not helping us but tearing our souls apart. I’m being honest. I have not been overcome by the words of my testimony. I believe there will be more job opportunities. I will finish this current class with a minimum of an A-. I will stand firm on the rock of my faith, as will you. Be encouraged. Be honest. Be real. You will make my brothers, my sisters, and nonbinary siblings. I’m praying for you as Jesus prayed for believers. I’m praying that you succeed, your money goes farther, you enjoy your family, enjoy your job, find a new job, children and you succeed in school, you come to a flourishing end, you are equipped, well able, anointed, appointed, God loves you, God has grace, mercy for you. You will become all you set your mind, heart, and attitude to become. I’m praying in Jesus’ name over your life, family, career, and children, and you are happy. Be strong; you will walk and not weary; you will walk and not faint. -Amen .

Letter to God


You know our struggles, you share our concerns, and our pain. When we cry, you cry. When we smile, you smile. When we mourn, you mourn, for that is how passionate and loving you are. You created humans in hope that we too would choose to have a relationship with you; with freewill intended. God, you have invited us into your home and have offered us love, compassion, liberty, freedom, and an abundant amount of grace. In a world of chaos, grief, loss, hate and sadness; in a world where the earth is crying out for your presence, in a world where your children are homeless, hungry, sick and in need you have sent us leaders and given your word of hope, unconditional love and peace. You don’t force us to serve you, for you have given us freewill.

My prayer tonight is that you strengthen your people for we are in the time of darkness and pain. My prayer tonight is that you restore us as your people and keep us close to the cross. My prayer tonight is that you continue to honor your word and reign justice and everlasting love over your people. My prayer tonight is that for every child and adult that is homeless, hungry, sick and in need that you provide for them and establish life long connections so that they may be able to live a life of purpose. My prayer tonight is that you hold your people close to your heart, wipe the tears frp, their faces of those plagued with grief, death and pain. My prayer tonight is that you send out your angels to cover the unrighteous, reign on the just and the unjust. My prayer tonight is that you speak to the heart of our leaders and those in authority. My prayer tonight is that you save the unsaved, open the eyes of those who are blind, open the ears to those who are deaf and show your light. My prayer tonight is that you raise up leaders from the average. My prayer tonight is that you provide shelter, grace, and education. My prayer tonight is that somepne reads this blog and seeks your presence. My prayer tonight is that you establish community among all people. My prayer tonight is the separation and segregation be dismantled. My prayer tonight is that you create communities and opportunity.

Money will not solve our problems. No. We need you to raise up leaders, speak to the hearts of your people, bring an end to war, share your light, and continue showering us with your loving grace. We need you to be our counselor, lawyer, doctor and teacher. You created this world and everything in it. You created us for a relationship with you and I believe that within all the bad, there is more good. Hear our prayers, and our cries. I love you, and I promise to be a light as long as you make a covenant with me, in order for change and justice for all.

In Jesus name, all hearts say