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We Dance

In my imperfection is your glory

In my depression, I dream

In the darkness there is hope

when my faith is tired, and amidst a storm

when suicide  is prevalent there is an escape


I dance with him who is the author of my life

I dance with the spirit that flows through my body

I dance with the opportunities penetrating my heart


At times my mind is darkened

At that time I see:

1 stage 

1 spotlight

and 1 opportunity 

to dance with words

sing with grace

defeat all odds

to accept the golden ticket to my eternity and purpose


as my world spins

time winds down

voices are strange

spirits are quick

and footprints are non-impactful and dominant

I lock eyes with eternity

kiss companionship

grab hold of trials

give the middle finger to the devil

for the creator dances with me

holds onto me; I am not alone

And God extends his hand asking me one question

“may I have this dance” 




My style

God is not hate. God is not discrimination. God is a teacher, father, friend and helper. We are given freedom and freewill to dream, love, experience joy, discover true happiness the ability to laugh, hope, rights to fellowship freedom and JOY! This is the God that I serve. My universe! My higher power.

We have the strength, and if we are determined we will discover true peace; peace that surpasses all understandings.

United we stand together we can!

Love yah!