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A Burden (we) carry

To the soul on this journey: take courage

To the soul alone: take hope

To the soul in battle: tread easily

Run this race not as one, but with one

There is a burden to know your calling

whether it’s to be a Christian or Atheist there is a burden we are all carrying

to convince the unbeliever

to cry with the broken

sit with the poor

have patience, have integrity

teach through self-discovery and disobedience and intolerance

wait patiently for the triumph

wait for the blind to see so that maybe one will put down that drink

wait for the deaf to hear so just maybe one will put down that needle

wait for theĀ  lame to raise so they’ll believe again

and wait for the dumb to speak so they’ll be able to witness and clothe another

a burden we carry, a burden I carry, a burden you carry

imprinted on our hearts

to be marked with optimism

clothed in humility

standing through doubt

commit to perseverance, faith, kindness, meekness, the unforeseen, the evil, through the devil’s trials and many errors.

when we love

when we care

when we see the top of the mountain

We realize it’s a glorious burden to carry

given to the swift

pure in heart

strong and overcomers

Thank you, Jesus, for the burden I carry