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Personal Information

Name: Domenia Xih Zih 

    College: Palm Beach Atlantic University

     Majors: Psychology  Minor: Ministry  I’m an Alumni! As of this year, I am a graduate! 

I’m 100% out of the closet as a Transman FtM! I love me! 

Born in New Haven, Connecticut. I have been a ward of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families for 13 years. I am a transfer student transferring from a Connecticut Community College to Palm Beach Atlantic University. I desire to earn a Ph.D. concentrating on Positive Psychology. I have found a great interest in politics, government, and ministry (Christian). My life is dedicated speaking and advocating for youth in foster care; encouraging hearts and spiritually helping people live the best life they can. I now want to attend law school, and pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work and Non-Profit Administration. I plan to create a program for young adults aging out of foster care and needing a community while in college; the program will include community engagement, mentorship, volunteering, mental the ealth care, case management, multi-racial, multi-generational, and multi-religious. I hope to start at a state level, the growth to a national and international level reaching Europe esp. the UK.

I consider myself to be a success story. I am a 2010 Horatio Alger National Scholar, and a Casey 2012-2018 Foster Care to Success Scholar. I recently lost my family and grandmother. I had been homeless while in college for 3 years and am just finding a home with the support emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

I am a confident speaker and have acquired much of my knowledge from studying, personal experiences, and research. Every child in foster should have access to mental health/health insurance. Foster care youth should be given the resources and have acquired an increased amount of support, emotionally, physically, educationally and professionally. I emphasize strong leadership, effective and efficient communication and representation.

I consider myself to be honest, direct, passionate, assertive, authoritative, self-motivated, funny, strong-willed, and diligent. I value integrity, commitment, honesty, compassion, and intellect. I am also spiritually in-tuned.

I am a builder, rational, thinker, introvert, spiritual and unique. I am likable and approachable. I love to listen and to write.  100% committed. I have a goal, I know my target, my gift, and the mission that God has placed in my heart and to spread his love and word cross cultures.

I have been to conferences in 6 different states regarding foster care policies. I admire over-comers such as Pastor Paula White, Jacquetta Fergurson, Giselle Sabido, Yolanda Adams, Alice Walker, Cece Winans, Pastor Micheal Williams, Jill Cretella, Gerry Zarra, Dr. Mouriz, Monica Martin, Tenille Johnson, Dr. Sheryl White Barnes, Janice Smith, John L, Jill G., Continuum of Care (including Dominique D., Jess M, Vennessa A, Dr. Hollywood, Hope M., Sam Y., CTS, and CSP)

To be rich is not a dream of mine. I don’t want 5 houses or 5 cars; I want to travel as a Christian and encourage youth esp. in urban communities. I want this generation of youth to take over, and advance the kingdom of Christ through love, peace, hard work, and perseverance. Not religion or political ideology. Inspire young adults and youth to believe in their selves. They are not limited because the world is open to them.
Before I die, I want to be the Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Children’s and Families. It’s all about youth, homeless, foster care and giving them a future. Making a future realistic! I am a Christian, strong in my faith. I may have a future in politics. I love Hilary Clinton (strong woman) Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders. I’m 28!

The world is open! I wanna fight the good fight and make a large impact nationally and internationally, representing children, foster care youth, college students, low-income families, and much more.

Philippians 4:13.”I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”

10 thoughts on “Me! Domenia

    1. Thank-you! That is very encouraging. Like wise, I enjoy your pictures. It amazes me how something so simple that I see every morning, when someone captures it there is much more to it. 🙂

  1. Domenia, I do love your style! And your intelligent and well written words – Way to Go! We need many more women who are strong,loving, and prepared to make a difference … just-like-you! Thank you for caring, sharing and mostly for being you ~ with affection, Penny

      1. Im trying to keep my blog powerful, uplifting and to relfect the love of God. I also want it to be a blog that inspires people to live an amazing life.

      2. Well, you’re off to an excellent start Domenia, my background is marketing (not that I do this now) happy to be just a writer, but I do know when I see a good thing (from a professional perspective) and your blog is very well done. Remember lots of fresh content, reblogging is good but the search engines love new content (and good accompanying tags). Honestly the most important thing is You. As long as you keep reflecting your true feelings (like you are) – you’ll be great! I promise!

  2. Domenia,

    I appreciate what you have going here with your blog. I pray you continue to be blessed as you are a blessing to others.

    I also am thankful you have chosen to follow my blog, “A Way With Words.” My joy in writing is made more complete when people read what I’ve written and even more as they respond.

    I write mainly on faith and mental illness, though am known to dabble in other subjects, stories, and reflections on ministry (I was a pastor for 18 years).

    I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Tony Roberts

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