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Kwanzaa 2020: Umoja


The time of the year when I blog the most however, this year my soul is in a hidden place.

Nguzo Saba:

I am We

I am because We are.

Covid almost choked the heart of my african heritage out of me.

I refuse to let it go

I held strong to the memories layed down before me across the road traveled before

I celebrate with tears

My shelter of safety with those I once a year put politics aside and celebrate what makes me BLACK and African American is shattered.

The glue has worn off

My elders are sick

The little ones I do not know

Umoja into the abyss

There are no more teachers or lessons; I have the degree

There are no more cooked meals and laughter

No more dancing and singing

Celebration of faith

Umoja dismayed

However Umoja is ingrained in my heart. woven with a needle. pierced with hot stamp

Umoja with me

Umoja is me forever.

Umoja as a trans queer christian man

Umoja means unity.

Joyous Kwanzaa!

Kujichagulia: 2018

Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define and name ourselves, as well as to create and speak for ourselves.


What I’ve learned this year:

Recovery isn’t linear

Recovery is different for everyone

There’s no one correct way walk

Each pathway is personal

Design by the heavens

Guided by our ancestors

We learned that:

Black is Beautiful

Trans people are beautiful

I do not have to be quiet because I have a vagina

Masculinity and Femininity are fluid

Degree’s mean shit

Money is not a cure for problems

Mental Illness is not a defect

There’s no correct way to be Black, Hispanic, Woman, or LGBTQ

Your life is not my life

I took the path less chosen

I walked the road less traveled

I am strong

I am sexy

I am divine

I am unique


Never let your vote be taken

Never lay idle

Boys can wear dresses, and little girls can play with trucks

I am black and educated

I work to play harder

Kujichagulia means self-determination

Joyous Kwanzaa

Black Belief!

I believe I am the answered prayer of a slave.

I believe that the God of my slave ancestors is outside of religion space and time

I believe that God is consistent and his word is his bond (promises)!

He promised:

hell on earth

calamity and suffering; on this he was clear

I know of the suffering of the black slaves

I know the suffering of generations to come and I empathize and stand to chant


God’s truth holds in court

God assures peaks of peace and times of prosperous soulful restoration

the movement and belief that BlACK LIVES MATTER

witnesses to the struggle of souls

and the promised and answered prayers of slaves

that we would marry wisdom, dance with destiny and find peace in chaos

Proclaim our integrity

We will walk along with the historical negro voices

Our feet will hit rock, and legs will get scarred

Our voices will unite in a war cry

then, you will see our war dance

My people, My black people:

Stand with justice

And, light lady liberty’s flame

Be proud of our kinky hair and dark skin.

Black is beautiful.

God did not give us reason for doubt

But, he (God) promised a journey unlike any humans and overwhelming opportunities

I always wonder one day beside my name will they say “first negro to accomplish this” (whatever “this” is)

I was once a slave

But now we awaken and is FREE!

I was a slave until those cops killed my black brothers and sisters

I was a slave until I was denied rights based on the color of my skin

I was a slave until, I realized as a race, as a people; whom we were meant to be.

“Like Dust, I RISE!” Angelou said

For we are the rhythm and beat of a negro hymn

We triumph in memory believing, God is with us and gave a new name, a new identity and called us to a high calling

He called us his people, then he called us friend

and birthed us purposefully in an era of change, reconstruction, and opportunity

This is what I believe!

Kwanzaa: Imani: Faith

  • Imani (Faith): To believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

Let us start our New Year with faith, that this year will be better. Let us learn from the years before,  repeat and advance what has worked well. This year we are a new people. We walk with God, and the angels are our ancestors. We spread the message of faith and fight with words of prayer. Prayer and silence are our weapons. “We shall overcome”….today! We are a people of faith, spiritual beings have a humanistic experience. Let us make a footprint on the hearts of our people and encourage change from within.

Joyous Kwanzaa

Happy New Years.