Nguzu Saba: Ujamma: The Clay Date


I had the privileged of working for Jessica Ginnow and her business, “The Clay Date.” An Amazing experience it was. I have had the opportunity to tell Jessica (the owner) thank you for hiring me and trusting me with your business. When I had started the job, I was pretty sure my bipolar disorder was going to rule my life and I would never be able to function like a normal person. Jessica saw differently! I worked my first 35 hour work week without calling out. I felt capable! I felt strength! I felt joy! I always felt loved!

The world around me could be going up in smoke, but while I worked at The Clay Date, I was given a glimpse of heaven. I was happy and happiness found me. Hope was restored. I gain more than a job, I gained a friend and a new church home at City Church. Jessica came to work everyday with a big smile, and great energy, she has a passion for art and granting people serenity, peace, hope, and making encouraging each customer and employees heart with purpose, grace and mercy.

The four months I worked there and my temperament changed, self esteem increased and love for people was magnified. I was never judge for being who I am, Jessica treated and saw me as a child of God.  I was also able to get to know her family. I saw the way they function and her being a mom. She also worked with her husband Dave who gave me my first piece of pottery to paint. Dave, I’m grateful. You guys are a family to me, and great friends. You’re great people. You have great energy and great intent.

The Clay Date is a small business, and Ujama is a day during Kwanzaa when we celebrate small businesses. So I’m celebrating Jessica, Dave and her family and their business The Clay Date. We need places like The Clay Date. The world needs more Jessica Ginnow’s not big corporate evil operations. We need places where the money is going to a good cause, hearts are being changed and children are being raised to be leaders and being told that it’s okay to be an individual.

And guess what, you can also enjoy a good “latte” while you’re there because, it’s also a coffee shop. 🙂 I forgot to mention. I love me some good coffee. So If you’re in New Haven, CT and want to paint pottery, hand make candles, build your clay projects, pain pottery, glass fusion, board or canvas art stop by.

No, this isn’t a paid advertisement, but I hope my followers and people new to my blog, will see how important it is to invest in little America, and be able to find an art studio like I have where they’re free to be who God created them to be.

Joyous Kwanzaa.


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