Nguzu Saba: My Ujima Prayer

  • Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems and to solve them together.

The first prayer my mother taught my brother and I was, John 11:35 “Jesus, wept” I remember people would argue with her, attempting to persuade her that the “Father’s Prayer” should be our first prayer. Nope, she was sticking to it. So before every meal, and before bed, we would get on our knees and say “Jesus, wept” Amen

Here is my prayer:

Dear God,

You came down to heaven to experience pain, sadness, hunger, fear, rejection, hate, and oppression. You wept! You came down from your thrown to experience life with us, so that generations later we would be able to testify that, we are NOT alone. You wept! I think about all the tears I’ve cried, and the one flowing from my eyes right now; you’ve cried them too. Jesus, you wept too.

There is so much power in facing humanity. There is so much power in and strength in letting a tear go. For tears say what that heart and mind are afraid to say, and don’t know how to say. Tears are the path ways to freedom, and healing. Tears in what you a supreme being have in common with us.

You may have not experienced every trial we have while you lived on earth, but you cried just like we have. You’ve felt the pain of humanity, and burden on sin on the cross, and wept.

Weeping is the result of fear, pain, happiness, joy, freedom, hope, life, and death. So when we weep, and tears flow, you weep too. Thank-you for crying with me. Thank you for cry for me. Thank-you for weeping.

Ujima means that we take care of one another, we cry with one another. We are out brothers keeper. We are to life our brothers and sisters up, and encourage them to continue on their walk.

I pray for moments in my walk as a student, as a client, as a social worker, as a teacher, as a minister that I am able to weep when my brothers weep. I pray that I am able to express joy when there is time for celebration. I pray that I am able to mourn when any life is taken, black, white, and blue. I pray I am able to join in be the support that you were, when you wept that day. When you put down your godliness to experience humanity. This is my pray for the upcoming year. This is my Ujima prayer.

For we are all spiritual being having a humanistic experience!

In Jesus Name



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