Nguzu Saba: Umoja (Unity)

Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

United We Stand

Divided We Fall

Together there’s a creator among us all

We are frail

We are clay

Wanting to be molded

We are the Potter’s Clay

A Mighty Creators CREATION

Given the breath

The vision of Light, Life through Day

To Rest with Darkness

Rise, awaken with the dew of day

Together we share this

Collectively we create

Collectively we experience

The trials and errors and differences between: Night and Day

Together we battle: Hell and it’s demons

Together we rest: In Heaven with it’s Angels

A Community of Clay

Community of the Creators Angels

We Strive for opportunity

We Strive for Peace

We strive to just BE

In HIM in us

In Him is our peace

In HIM is our success

In Him no failure

In Him we drink from the rivers of life

 Eat the greens of the earth

Together; Umoja

Unity is our destiny

Unity fills, that void, that what was once empty.

Joyous Kwanazaa!


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