President Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

I pray this message reaches you, and you’re accepting to this message.

To bash you wastes my time and nothing is achieved. I don’t know you, I know of you. I don’t know your heart, and or your prayers at night. You’re 45th President of the United States of America. It’s a big job. It’s not about power, you’ve always had that. It’s not about money, for your pockets are filled. It’s about my brothers and sisters; fellow Americans.

Many ministers that I follow prayed with the republican party, and I will not judge them. Please promote hope, faith, love and unity; united we stand, divided we fall. There is more to you than hate. There is more to your than racism. There is more to you than the ideology of restoring white power. You have a heart, and a soul. Many would disagree but you’re a child of God.

I want this great country to continue to flourish and change. Change is healthy, and why we have elections. I’m not going to tell you what to do, nope. Not my job. My job is to let you know that I’m praying for your soul as you guide the world. You have a burden placed on your shoulders and I need you to take it seriously.

Our world is dying, our planet is dying, please work with the officials of the world to save it. Put aside your personal agenda and help speak for our Earth. Our youth are dying, I’ve buried to many friends, we need resources, our schools need supplies. We need affordable colleges so we can make educated decisions to better our families, our communities, and our future as a nation. Invest in America. Invest in our youth. We need a good health care system. I’m on medicaid. I’m grateful for it. I at one point was able to buy my own insurance and it made me smile, to pay a decent premium and co pays. I smiled because I felt like I was contributing to this world, and that I was not alone. What broke me was when I had to decided whether to buy medicine or food. I couldn’t afford both. This has been a struggle for me.

Raised in foster care, at no fault of mine, I had nothing. No money, a place to stay, food to eat, just a prayer that one day I’d have my own bed to sleep in and food in my fridge. I don’t pray to be rich, I pray to be content and to be able to pay taxes, afford medication and not rely on government assistant programs. I’ve won scholarships to pay for my college education, I don’t get food stamps and cash assistance, if it wasn’t for my foster mom, I’d be starving. I’m trying to become a citizen of the middle class, but for right now I’m living in poverty. I’m not the only one.

If you’re going to tax us, please use our monies for programs, for housing, transitional living programs, medicaid, universal healthcare, food pantries with health options and for increase in small businesses. We don’t want to be rich. We don’t want to be greedy, we want to be happy. We want to give our kids a future. We want to worship in peace.

You don’t know my struggle with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. You don’t know my struggle as being black and gay. You don’t know my struggle. It’s not your fault. I’m not blaming you, but I’m asking you to sit a diverse amount of people at the round table and talk with them; hear their hearts before you make a decision.

Please don’t deport my Muslim, Hispanic, Mexican, German, LGBTQIA brothers and sisters. Please don’t. It’s the rainbow that makes up the United States of America. They work, started families and have accepted the American identity. One bad apple doesn’t spoil it for all. There are many that can be saved. We were all once immigrants, my people came as slaves on a ship, built the white house, at the scraps of the tables of our owners; we were dirt, dying and hungry. Our country stole the land of the indigenous people and made a country on the idea of capitalism. We we’re all once non natives, this country is a melting pot. Please accept us. We are the reason Walmart is so great, and buy your clothes, it’s us. We play sports win medals, cure diseases and fight to kill our enemies. We are the American People.

I would be scared to be President, and to know that a signature of mine, can either help or destroy millions of people lives. There is a burden for every leader. Many nights you will not sleep. Many days you might want to quit, but this is your burden and you must lead. You’re fighting for the little man, and the big man, and I hope you’re trying to create harmony.

Please pray to whom ever holds your faith and ask for guidance. I refuse to read articles that are bias. I will though listen to the hearts that are broken and the minds that grieving and plagued with disease and bodies riddled from stress. I know you won’t do everything perfect but, don’t be afraid to ask for help. That makes you stronger, not weaker. Don’t be afraid to shed a tear. Don’t be afraid to hug and send kisses. It’s makes you stronger. Not weaker.

Good Luck. I’m watching, and my life is on the line as with millions of others. I pray you never have to look for a home to live, and search for food for your kids. I pray your children will help you lead and reach out to millions. We are not born with hate. You’re not the anti-Christ. I know my God loves you in spite of all.

My prayers are with you. Please I hope you read this letter.

A Political Centrist I am

Domenia Dickey


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