Religion is a box.

I believe that there’s a difference between religion and faith, religion and jesus. i tend to think of religion as tradition that jesus overthrew. i believe in trying to be like christ, but not fit into what customs often tells us and blocks the message of God

My Journey, My Style

My definition of religion:

The core foundation of hypocrites who strongly hold beliefs that binds, and suppress people. about one self A hidden mask of lies that is portrayed as truth.


1. the box that keeps people captive but is supposed to promote freedom.

2. Based on man-made traditions.

3. the mask that will never offer a resolution

4. kills and causes war

5. tells us to lie to ourselves and feel holy and sanctified

6. tells us how to judge and to take the role of “god” for ourselves

7. has attempted to kill faith

8. Filled with ignorant people who cannot think for themselves

9. allows for excuses to atrocious behaviors

10. A political statement and a mockery of “GOD”

11. Religion doesn’t know GOD!

12. Religion is a BOX!

13. Religion is a curse not a blessing. Religion is a arrogant, self-centered, self authorized, and demeaning rhetorical thought

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