I am not religious!- I am a Christian

My Journey, My Style

I am a Christian. Not Religious. I don’t believe in tradition. I believe in breaking it.

I hate it when people refer to me as religious. I’m not.

I am a Christian. I was taught that a Christian is to be “Christ – Liked.” The Greeks gave us the name.

Jesus healed on the sabbath, talked to the Gentiles, converted a murdered into an Apostle. Jesus was not religious. He defeated the box that “religion” made!

Therefore I am Christ – Like.

My blog post typically end with biblical passages. They are inspiring. I do not believe in using the bible as doctrine for hate, intolerance, and discrimination.

No! I’ll leave that to the “religious” people.

I am not better than anyone, never will be. I’m human, and with every flaw possible. I have been blessed with the gift of forgetfulness. I don’t hold grudges, and I am not consumed by anger, or hate…

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