Forgiveness: Why?

Ephesian 4:26

AMPC- when angry, do not sin; do not ever let your mouth (your exasperation your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down.

My grandma always told me never go to bed angry, and never let anger stop you from getting a good nights rest. I love my grandma, but this can be said about anything. Don’t allow grudges, hate, envy, jealousy consumes your heart and mind; when your energy can be used for greatness. Don’t allow what others say and think about you to enable you from succeeding and enjoying your day. It’s good to feel emotions, it means your human. It’s what you do with your emotions that makes the difference.

So, practice when someone does something mean towards you, in you own time say; “I forgive you”. Forgiveness isn’t for the other person but for yourself. Forgiveness allows you to heal, and to maintain sound-judgment. They say forgive and forget. I say forgive every time you can. Forget when you feel like your ready. Forgetting can prevent from experiencing true forgiveness, the stress that will be released from your body, and the healing of your heart. It’s not always immediately, but it’s better late than never. When you truly forgive, don’t bring it up in every conversation, for, forgiveness is a true release.

I’m not an angry person and will forgive anyone 100 times over, before I hold a grudge and go to bed angry. I guess another piece to that scripture is that, not every day is promised, not everyone wakes up everyday (some die). So, do you really want to go to bed angry, and it could be the last emotion you experience.

I rather build a relationship, have it restored and change what went wrong; remembering the good times then the temporary bad times. Good always win. Just like in the movies. Bottom-line, always forgive, and be slow to anger. Anger and emotions will make you do and say things you’ll never be able to take back. It will destroy a relationship, and you will need to decide does the good out weighs the bad; is it really worth giving up?


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