Returning Home

Sometimes returning home is a good thing. Confronting pain, disagreements, hearing the words of those who never spoke, healing the heart, and finding out where in a relationship, what went wrong. It’s good to go home, to see a face and know that although you may live far away, maybe were not as close, and maybe at that time your season and their season was changing. Returning home is a good thing, or else wounds will never heal, and emotions will forever take control. Then you are allowing your past to effect your future, and determine your outcome. Returning home should bring healing. Returning also offers reflection as to see where you have grown, and to be grateful of the path that you’ve taken. I returned to my church today, after being hit by a car, I couldn’t stay in the house any longer! However just by, touching my pastor hand, hearing her voice, and having her say “it’ll be OK.” Made me feel welcome, and I’m glad for another Sunday to be home.

My pastor is 94 years old. I’m not sure how much time she has left on this earth. What I do know is, I will cherish every moment we have together; I will not take her and the life she has lived for granted. She’s not frail at 94, although she can’t drive, she can walk without a cane, she can preach, and even give god a dance. I pray that I live to be 94. What sad is that, I almost forgot all of this, because I didn’t return home. I didn’t remember the good memories, and the time people have poured into my life and spoken over my life. Yeah wounds still need to be healed, yes there are still disagreements but nothing should stop you from coming home, esp. from your spiritual (church) home.

The church is supposed to be a place where we are restored, no “judgment”, no condemnation, place of encouragement, love, acceptance, and understanding. There’s nothing like going to a dance, speaking in heavenly tongues, and a hollering black gospel baptist church. It’s always feels right and at home. I’m home, and, I’m going to enjoy every minute of it I can.

St. Mary’s Baptist church will always be my home!


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