Friendship! Is it worth it?

In every relationship there will be times when you fight, scream, swear and break each others hearts for the moment. The keyword is “moment.” Thanks to a great professor (Dr. Victor Copan, PBA) in a reading I was informed that in order to grow we have to climb mountains. You can’t grow without mountains. You have to stay strong and believe that there is a rainbow at the end of that cloud. If not this storm than the next one.

Bottom-line you have to keep going. Sometimes friendships end, but when it’s your best friend, it’s for ever a revelation, revolution, and changing of seasons; good, bad, happy, sad, anger and confusion.

If it’s a true relationship and the two of you share common values, knowing that miscommunication, confusion is only there for a moment, and when you consider that person to be your sister or brother- nothing should come between the two of you. If something does then you were lying to each other from the beginning because you said your bond was breakable.

Jessica Jones, I love you like a sister. Nothing will change how I feel about you. You’ve been closer to me than family. You’ve changed my life, helped change my families life. You have a great smile, positive energy, and a beautiful smile. If this best-friendship ends, it’s not because I want it to, but it’s your choice. We’ve seen mountains, rain storms, hail, snow and sunny days. It’s not in my genetic makeup to be angry, or stay angry. It takes up to much energy and space in my heart.

I’m that person that hugs and move on. I’ll forever pray for your success, answer you phone call at anytime, cry with you, laugh with you, and beat anyone up for you. Once a sister always a sister. That’s how I was raised and those were the words we said to one another. Those were the words we prayed and said to God.

It’s your choice if you want to end this relationship, I can’t force you to talk to me, but you can’t force me from loving you. You can’t force me to from praying for you. You can’t force me to stop hoping that one day we will hug, and count it as an opportunity to grow. No one can force me to do anything I don’t want to do. No one can force me to act anyway I don’t want to. I’m in charge of my life. you are in charge of yours.

We just played a game of football and we both fumbled, missed a catch, missed the opportunity to score a touch down, but like any team mate we have to get up, and try again.

Now you have the ball, are you will to run and play again? Or are you going to give up because of emotions, thoughts and allow it to over power our history. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’ve asked God to forgive me, and he gave me breathe this morning so, I’m assuming he forgave me, without conditions.

It’s in your hands.

Domenia Dickey


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