Daily Battle with Mental Illness

There’re those whom tell people to “snap out of it”. Trust me if we could we would. I’ve experienced people whom tell me to get off my meds and rely of God. When it’s God who made it possible for people with mental health to live a stable life. You don’t know our struggle, so don’t judge us. We try to fit in, however we will forever be different because our brain chemistry is different.

Most of the times it’s a waste of time having a conversation about my struggle with mental illness. There is an automatic stigma that “I’m crazy” when the truth is that there is a lack of understanding. A particular medication that works for my friend may not work for me. We struggle with living with side effects. We are just trying to survive and live a life of purpose.

I hate it when assumptions are made, and people assume that they know the answer. When your degree is to teach not to prescribe my medications. I don’t ask for your advice. I was told this morning that I can basically get over the sedation, and tiredness of my meds. I responded quickly that “no one besides God will understand my struggle” The sleepiness requires more naps, the sedation that creates dizziness. Not to mention everyone responds differently to medication. I hate when people act they know everything, when you barely know me.

Every time I take a pill, I say in Jesus Name, because I believe that it is through him that my medication make me function. So mind your business, and lets keep our conversations general. Because you have no idea what my life is like, and how in spite of an illness, I’m trying to make it.

But what do I have to prove to you, you’re human and not my God. I’ll take what you say with a grain of salt, words that I never hear.

This is my response to a struggle not understood.


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