What you will read are words of the voices from youth, friends, family and church members,  whom at one time or another felt as though there voice was not heard. This post also consists of my experiences as well. I still attend church, just not as often. Remember, these are not the words of everyone, just those whom I’ve talked to and stopped attending church. This is not the truth about every church, nor every pastor but I believe that there are ways for us to improve, grow as a family, encourage hearts, show unconditional love and to teach the ways of Jesus. So the list below is what I’ve heard, the discussions I’ve had with people, and concerns that I’ve witnessed pastors saying during sermons over. Here are a few, but remember that there are ways for us to grow as a church and a community. Jesus wants to be in our hearts, and to remember we are the church, the individual! Not the Building!

You wanna know the truth as to why we’ve stopped attending  church service, or don’t attend often? Here you go.

  1. Tradition has become more important than the souls of people
  2. Instead of transforming lives we to demand that people pay  in order to be blessed by God
  3. If we cannot  give a 50$ offering or more, we are basically told that God would not speak to us
  4. Youth are ignored; told to be seen not heard
  5. Worship has been forgotten. It doesn’t seem like we don’t know the truth behind authentic worship
  6. Judgment is prevalent, when no one is perfect; Jesus was the only perfect man to have lived on this earth
  7. We have selected parts of the bible to teach, and follow based on the anticipated amount of offering
  8. The question that lays heavy on my heart is : How can I use my God given gift, being authentic to myself and express whom God is to me, and what God means to me?
  9. There is a time limit on ministry, the word of God needs to be spoken in 20 minutes of less. Worship and praise cut short, establishing habitual tradition
  10. Programs and services are based on population number. I’ve had preachers say that “there’re not enough people present so we can go home.”
  11. The topic of Jesus, is sometimes lost in the sermon
  12. We preach condemnation of sin, with showing, the love that God has for us, despite our sin
  13. Is there even commitment to corporate worship, and freedom of praise, anymore?
  14. Church has become a fashion show; who looks the best, and who wore the best shoes
  15. What about the hurt, the pain and the deliverance people need?
  16. Teach me about what is means to be a Christ-follower and not your opinion!
  17. We see hate, discrimination, lack of tolerance and a lack of individuality, so we must pray, preach and sing like everyone else
  18. We’ve forgotten Christ’s true message, and instead convoluted the truth
  19. We haven’t consistently fed the hungry, sheltered the poor and educated our youth; its a once a week affair
  20. We blame the actions of hate, killings, and behaviors learned on public leaders, teacher, politicians for allowing such violence. When the truth is that the hate etc. started at home.

Where is God ? I can’t find him! I see people, programs and tradition. The very tradition that Jesus broke. Everyone should be allowed in church, women, men, children, LGBTQ, minorities, the uneducated and those with a different ideologies and religion. Jesus welcomed these people, and we have shut them out.

Will the true Christians STAND UP? Or are we are religious copy-cats, traditional copy-cats, and following money hungry preachers. There’s no reason why a mega preacher needs to be paid 10,000$ in order for them to do what Jesus said. The word of God is not something we need to pay for.

I’m tired, in pain, confused and demanding a new revelation for your leaders and followers.  Young people, and congregates it is time to demand change, and know the word of God for ourselves.  Lives Matter. With so much hurt in the world, lack of peace, killings and tears are streaming from the eyes of of God’s children; remember all lives matter. This is when we need the church the most. We need Jesus. Not opinion! !Not politics. We need Jesus Christ!

I want Jesus! I want more of him. I want to worship, individually, and corporately. I don’t want to be selfish. I want to minister to hearts. Heal the sick. Listen to the pain, and offer comfort in Jesus Name. I want a new filling of the Holy Spirit.

I want something new. I’m called to preach the word of God. I’m called to worship. I’m called to educate the hearts of everyone, no matter their different walks of life. Maybe I’m just as guilty, but to the hearts I heart, those I didn’t listen to, those I’ve judge, assumptions I’ve made, promises broken, laziness and not practicing the life Life of JESUS. Forgive me, because my savior has!

Something new is brewing.

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    This is why I stopped going to church, but also why I’m willing to change the church and return it back to it’s true love, and the real meaning of Christ. bi-polar and all

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