Babies, hav’n babies

From I One News.

Young people are having children, yes. However, are you really ready to be a parent? What does it mean to be a parent? I’m pretty sure it’s much more than dress up. Will you be able to afford a future for them? It’s more than being young and being cute, what about when they want to go to college? What about your dreams for life? There’s nothing wrong with waiting in order to allow yourself to live the best life first, and secondly to give back to this world.

I’m speechless, when I see young people having children, because you’re just a child yourself. We have no credit, we’re relying on gov’t funds to live, sometimes working part time, and then you have to account for the illness, and stuff that can happen to your children or ones that they’ll develop. It’s the struggles of our parents, that’re being repeated. And, don’t forget when we swore to one another that we would be different. Don’t forget the promises we’ve stated to ourselves. Are you ready to struggle, put your needs aside and to parent a new born life.

My hearts heavy, as tears fall from my eyes. Young people should be young, have kids after school, travel, get married, start a career, and then have children. This is the American Dream. There’s a cycle that’s repeated, and I wonder how can it be reversed.

I’m laughed at because I’m a virgin, and am 23 years old. However, I also have a mental illness, and am diabetic. I’m not ready to bring a child into this world. I’m still learning to take care of myself. I am also newly engaged. I’m not ready for children, and the 18+ years responsibility.  I’m still living at home with my parents, they’re still buying me food. Why would I bring a child into this world, when mine is uncertain and unstable. I’m trying to be a better person, continue my education and change the world around me. I want to give my children what they need, and want. I want to provide for them a future, paying for their weddings, and college education. I don’t want to have to rely on SNAP (food stamps) and WIC; I want more.

I’m not judging, but I’m afraid that we have failed another generation. I grew up poor, sometimes going to bed hungry, my mom has mental illness, she’s unhealthy. I finally found a foster family at age 17, and I know that without them I’d be homeless, and not in college. Why bring a child into that? Why? It’s hurts the child, and me. It’s not fair.

So, what’s the answer? What’s the cure to this habitual mindset? What can we do differently? I’m not judging, I love youth and will be their for them if they were gay, pregnant, a doctor or anything. I just want youth to be able to see more for their futures, and aspire to want to give back and make a difference. I refuse to be like my biological mother. I will be different!



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