Voice of the People

fist pumpAs I sit in silence, pondering about the words in which one could use to ease the heart of the wounded. I don’t believe that there are such words. Agree?

As Americans we trust a system that is corrupted, plagued by the diseases of greed, ego, lust, lies, and ambiguity.

Our leaders fight for approval ratings, higher salaries and material gain, while those who they claim to represent struggle, are poor, killed by officials who hide behind the convoluted law, and true Americans are hungry, in need, without medical insurance and equality.

Our leaders use fancy words to avoid the truth. They argue politics while a nation lay dying.

Where is justice? Where is peace? Where are our civil liberties and rights. Who’s really representing our people?

But, who am I? I’m just a citizen. Will my voice be heard? I demand justice in a corrupt system. I demand justice. I demand representation from the leaders whom have the heart of my people.

Why are my brothers and sisters dying? Why are mothers burying their sons? Why are fathers burying their daughters? Why do our children go to bed hungry? Why are our families destroyed by poverty? Why are we investing in prisons, to detain the innocent while allowing corrupted officials, officers, politicians, and leaders remain free? Why do I have to fight for equality?

Where are my fundamental rights?

I don’t want to read the newspaper or watch t.v to see another man killed by police, for race riots to be in my backyard, youth are killed by guns, and people are bound.

Your position is to serve us, and not to serve yourself.

We will be HEARD!


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