Change your thinking, Change your life

“If I continue to think as I have always thought, I will continue to act as I’ve always acted. If I continue to act as I’ve always acted, I will continue to get what I’ve always gotten.” – Anonymous 399685524_640

It’s a new year and I challenge you with hope. that you’ll challenge yourself to live a life of purpose on purpose. Start by changing the way you think. Positive thoughts. For “what a man think, so is he!” If you want something new for your life in 2015 “think it” until you believe it and then it will be so.

I believe 2015 will be a prosperous year. If we decide to take control of our lives and decide, this year will not be like any other years, it will change our thoughts, change our actions and give us a better result. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t let anyone stop you from being a better you. Do what will make your dream and goals come true.

2015 is OUR year!

Domenia L Dickey


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