August 25

Happy Birthday to me.

I turned 23 this year and I had the best birthday ever. I spent my birthday with my nephew Joshua we read books outside, had a water hose fight (we were soaked) ate grapes, cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; I received phone calls, text messages, and Facebook posts.  My sister bought me a cake and my nephew (Josh) sung the happy birthday song. It was a simple day and it was about “Josh” but I could not have asked for more. Did I mention that Josh is five years old? It was awesome. Today August 26th my sister and I are listening to Yolanda Adams (my favorite singer) and I am learning about her life, her passion and her struggle. We are listening to sermons and she is teaching me about life.

She is not by biological sister but life has taught me that blood is not thicker than water. I love her.  We are currently drinking coffee and talking while working. I am blogging and she is working. These two days have been very simple and low key but have brought me joy and peace. It’s the little things that have blessed me!

Happy Birthday to me!



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