Maya Angelou

Dear Maya Angelou,

I pray you read this letter from your home in heaven. I wanted to say thank-you for the time that you spent on earth fighting for civil rights, teaching, advocating and speaking for those whom voice was not heard; through poetry, dance, singing and acting. You were more than an activist. You were more than a writer/poet. You were more than a scholar. You were much more. You were a child of the high king who entrusted you with history. You were the daughter of a noble leader who gave you a sacred task. You were the student of the king of kings who asked you to teach lessons of love, life, integrity and spirituality. You were the student of all scholars who entrusted you with wisdom because you asked him so liberally. You were a daughter, mother, teacher, leader and a African monarch.

Your death scorns many hearts. The world has lost one of natures divine creatures. There are not many left who liberally pour out their wisdom. Your life and death has taught me to value the old in nature, and to take heed to the words they share. One day I hope to inspire thousands, too speak words that are like seeds planted and will eventually become trees.

You wrote well. You lived a life worth celebrating. I promise that my children and grandchildren will know your name, your story and your significance. I pray you are sitting with Jesus and those leaders such as MLK, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Langston Hughes and much more sharing your journey and what it feels like to be home eternally.

You did it! We will miss you. Your life was not of the average celebrity, no. You are much more. You may not know me personally but I love you and I care. You are my inspiration and an example of how to be a “phenomenal woman” I can and will be.

Be at peace.

–Domenia L. Dickey

maya angelou


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