Perspective Foster Parents

Dear Perspective Foster Parents,

I am writing this letter as a veteran of the Connecticut’s foster care system for six years and counting. I believe I should say thank-you for opening your home and providing love to a child or teenager. Thank-you! I also want to warn you and to let you know what you have just agreed to. This letter is a warning and to let you know, our hearts have been broken, confusion clutters our minds, we are looking for a family to be belong to. School may not be a our top priority, for we are trying to find ourselves and where we belong in this big cold world.

We might not fit in with your sons and daughters. It’s not your fault if we are quiet, shrugging our shoulders as if they are answers to your questions. It’s not you, no, it’s our past, about our mothers, sisters, fathers and brothers.We are children of the system; fighting to defy the worlds statistics.

Question: How do we make it? How do we fit in? We have a trash bag with our name on it and a shattered heart with unanswered questions. We don’t get to pick our homes; no, we are told were to sleep, eat and shit. Are, you in it until the end? When the road gets tough will you give up?

I promise it won’t be easy. Did I mention I’m mentally ill? Sometimes we don’t believe we are worth much, so the streets and gangs show us “true” love. Will you hug us at night? Or will I once again cry myself to sleep?

Did I tell you we have a diagnosis? We were told that we are bipolar, psychotic, ADD/ADHD, schizophrenic, bulimic, anorexic and much more. We’ll fight for your love and discipline; hugs and kisses. I’ll party, smoke weed, cut my arms and much more. I have a lot of baggage and it’s important for you to know what you just signed up for.

Our life is like a broken mirror, can we together put the pieces together? We know how to draw. We can sing. We can write. We love to act and dance. We’re not all broken pieces. We love school. We hate school. We’re more than a statistics and the stigmas are lies. Don’t give up on us. We need you until the end.

Thank-you for choosing to be my new mentor, mom and dad.


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