Note to self!



We are world changers and history makers! By changing ourselves, growing and learning through education, and we are on a spiritual and physical journey. We are all given obstacles that makes our journey different, given a problem to solve and a ladder to climb.

We can either “fight” or “flight.” Our choice. Our decision. Our Journey. Our style.

We are not the only ones affected by our change. We are not the only ones impacted by our decisions to go “left” or “right.” However, this is a personal choice!

There are those who blame their past; they blame the abuse, mistreatment, neglect and abandonment as a reason for their actions. No matter what has happened, God still gives us freewill. I am not trying to demeanor your experience but I am not playing the “sympathy” card either. We are not given more than we can bare. We can make it and will, if we want to!

I firmly believe that there is a soul that we are meant to connect with. I believe that there is a heart we are meant to help heal. There is a child or adult waiting to hear your story, so that they might continue the “good fight” of faith because they too are “world changers and history makers.”

We stand in the middle of our path and future. We stand in between our past and God given destiny.

We are all given a task some big and small. However, both are important, not one more than the other. Our task is something that only we can do, and, is not something we can hand to someone else.

I used to ask God why me? What did I do to deserve such pain? I told God I hated him because I couldn’t understand his way of thinking. Children are innocent but in yet are hurt. Why?

I never got an answer to every question. However I thought about my life and the over-comers that I now know, and the journey and heart that I have. I say thank-you because now I’m on a mission to speak to every heart that has an ear to listen. I have a destiny and it’s to touch millions in all nations.

My journey. My style


7 thoughts on “Note to self!

  1. Hi Domenia, I’m not religious, I may have told you that before? 🙂
    But, I’m very spiritual and believe in the universe and what will be will be. We take the good with the bad and everything happens for a reason. Not always an easy pill to swallow, but this is what I believe. We are all connected and that soul mate? Ohhhh, I am dying to find him! 🙂
    You have a great weekend and take care of yourself. Hugs from Oz,Paula xxx

  2. “I used to ask God why me? What did I do to deserve such pain?” Now, I find that I can empathize with those who have suffered similar or more severe pain. I can help them just by listening and letting them know that they are loved and not alone. I commend you on your mission. ~ Dennis

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