Foster Care

 Babies, toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers and young adults who are in care across this world who feel as though they are not meant to be a apart of a family; believing that they break up families; thinking they are the problem. This is a LIE! Untrue! Every one wants the babies, but what about us; the:

– “big kids” the ones with a history
– mental illness
– insecurities
– wanna be thugs
– outcasts

What about US! What about US?

I told my foster mother at the age of 17, that I was a child not meant for a family. I believed I was the cause of hurt, that I bring instability, and break hearts. I had to remind her I’m bipolar, I come with baggage. I am out spoken and I don’t hold back my voice. She didn’t care, I was still taken in.

We need more of theses individuals. If you can’t be a mom or a dad, what about being a mentor. We need to know that there is something else out there.We need to know that we are not limited by our circumstances. We can live a healthy life, we can attend college, we have a voice and we matter. We need to know at night that:

-being misunderstood
-forgiveness with in ourselves

will pass away. “this too shall pass” was the words that I held onto, at 21 life is scary, tomorrow I can be homeless, tomorrow I could be alone without help, but I have to believe that “this too shall pass” and there is much more to my journey. I have more teens to connect with, more speeches to prepare for, more souls and heart to connect with.

What about “US.” What about “US” We need you!


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