Change of Seasons.

The truth is that everyone in your life is there for a season. As we know seasons come and go and so do people in our lives. We will have friends and family members who are meant to be in your life for a certain amount of time,  that can be a few years, a life time, a month or a few days. It’s important to recognize that and to be thankful for them being there and what they have contributed to your life.

The hardest is when it’s family but it’s true. I always say, be thankful for what they taught you, and the time you spent together and also respect and know that as time continues and you grow, you change and so does others around you. Life is about growth, adjustment, change and developing into the person you were predestined to be.

You can do all things for I believe God has given you strength to accomplish every obstacle and climb every mountain. You were predestined to do great things and to reach out, to help another individual reach higher heights in their own life.

I truly believe we do not live life for ourselves. I truly believe we are connected to others for a reason and that reason is to grow! I believe that there are people that we are meant to connect with, and there are people waiting to hear your story, shake your hand, open a door to another area in life.

So I say trust God (or whom ever you believe in) and know that at every tunnel there is a light and you don’t struggle, cry, or experience life’s journey just because. there is someone who is waiting to hear your truth, there is another person or persons that your are meant to connect with and for the two of you to be an added light in this world to make a better place. There are people who will be against such change, and will try to bring you down, and hurt and attempt to stop you from growing. You will cry, scream, sometimes feel alone abandoned etc..but you have to keep pushing there is more to your life then you can see right now. I promise!

So don’t be afraid of letting go, even if it’s your mom, brother/sister, best friend, father or grandmother. You have to continue to grow and don’t let anyone stop you. I pray this blog reaches someone and they continue their journey with faith in themselves and their purpose. Seasons change and we grow.

Love you all!


3 thoughts on “Change of Seasons.

  1. That is so true Mia and I really love this post. Everyone in ur life is there for a reason, but only for a season. But the love u feel for that person is everlasting. And if ur lucky u may see them in peace on the other side of eternity.

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