Faith & Acceptance

Blaise Pascal argued that “if you don’t know whether to believe in God, you should go ahead and do so — just to be safe.”

Faith is important during my walk on this earth. I cannot say that God is not real. I believe that God is just as alive, as real as me  writing this blog. Faith, yes is comforting. Even when my world is chaotic. It’s not only God that I believe it’s Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Paula White stated that we are “spiritual being have a humanistic experience”

I believe that living in different homes, residential(s), group homes and shelters, that my faith has kept me alive, and not drowning in depression and hatred.

Depression, anger, guilt, and uncertainty sets in. However, faith is reassurance. Life is not meant to be flowers and stars in the sky. I don’t know why? I am not sure why some people are born with great families, and others are raped, abused, neglected and tortured. I am not sure, and I can’t explain it.

I say that God has a plan. I as a human being question why would God allow chaos to roam, and hurt to be prevalent. I then think of Jesus, the son of God, who did not have an easy life. At that point I realize that I am not exempt.

When I make to heaven I will ask for a detailed information. As for now I’ll just accept it. I will follow the commands given to Adam and Eve to my best ability.

I am a spiritual being having a humanistic experience. -Pastor Paula White.


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