Conversation with he

Here is a prayer that I had with Jesus, and what I his reply was in my heart   Me:Jesus, the hardest part for me being a Christian, is accepting God’s love. It’s hard to fathom that I am enough to be loved. It makes question “why me?” I don’t blame God for my trials and troubles for even through darkness moments, he’s never left me alone. Maybe it’s my insecurities but, you’re willing to give me unconditional love? Limitless love? This is hard understand, sometimes hard to accept intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. Why? Why me? Why, When everyone else … Continue reading Conversation with he

We Dance

In my imperfection is your glory In my depression I dream In the darkness there is hope when my faith is tired, and amidst a storm when suicide  is prevalent escaps I DANCE  I dance with him who is the author of my life I dance with the spirit that flows through my body I dance with eh opportunities penetrating my heart WE DANCE At times my mind is darken At that time I see: 1 stage  1 spotlight and 1 opportunity  to dance with words sing with grace defeat all odds to accept the golden ticket to my eternity … Continue reading We Dance

A Burden (we) carry

To the soul on this journey: take courage To the soul alone: take hope To the soul in battle: tread easily Run this race not as one, but with one There is a burden to know you calling whether it’s to be a Christian or Atheist there is a burden we are all carrying to convince the unbeliever to cry with the broken sit with the poor have patience, have integrity teach through self discovery and disobedience and intolerance wait patiently for triumph wait for the blind to see so that maybe one will put down that drink wait for … Continue reading A Burden (we) carry

Beauty in the Journey

We are: Quick to judge, when beauty is deeper than skin Quick to overlook and over complicate the definition f true beauty Beauty that runs from the heart with its truth and wisdom running in one’s blood Beauty is as simple as laughter a kind smile 🙂 gracious spirit; actions of a hug a cooked meal with free ears to listen or just a helping hand That’s beauty Beauty is: the expression of Joy, similar to discovering the unconditional love of Jesus or the universe a non judgmental, limitless, open minded and evolving heart I’m grateful to be shown true … Continue reading Beauty in the Journey